Pagemaker vs LandingCube

Creating promotional campaigns for your Amazon business to funnel external traffic has become an essential part of every successful Amazon sellers strategy in the past 5 years.

With competition, cost per acquisition, and shipping costs increasing by 3x in 2021, Amazon sellers are using promotional tools like Pagemaker to stay ahead of their competitors and grow their Amazon business through external traffic, promotional campaigns, data capturing, and customer retention.

In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at two of the most used promotional tools for Amazon: Pagemaker and LandingCube and let you decide which one works best for you.

The criteria will be based on features, builder technology, templates, and pricing.

What does Pagemaker have to offer to Amazon Sellers?

  • Simple-to-use and intuitive technology to increase your sales velocity on Amazon.
  • A no-code landing page builder to create promotional campaigns for your Amazon products.
  • Tools to capture your Amazon's customer data/email for remarketing and retention.
  • Post-purchase emails to generate more 5-star reviews from buyers of your Amazon product.
  • An automated sales ecosystem to improve your Amazon rankings and keyword dominance

Pagemaker is a SaaS-based tool for Amazon Sellers that is used to create high converting landing pages and promotions for your Amazon products. 

In under 15 minutes, any Amazon seller can create an account, import their product through our Amazon API and launch a promotional campaign.

Pagemaker offers over 50+ pre-made templates for Amazon sellers that have been market-tested and optimized for high conversions.

What sets Pagemaker apart from other landing page builders is our specific Amazon tools such as our Dynamic Coupon Distribution and Product Import API.

Why use software to build landing pages?

You can build a landing page from scratch. You’ll have to hire a designer and developer and let’s not forget the 2-3 weeks it will take to be completed. That’s IF everything goes right.

Pagemaker offers an all-in-one solution for Amazon Sellers. You’ll be able to build your landing pages, host your landing pages, track your conversions, and store your customers emails all with one single tool. 

Pagemaker saves you a lot of time. Our platform is intuitive, we offer pre-made templates, and the typical Amazon Seller using our platform launches a campaign in under 1 business day.

The biggest difference between Pagemaker and LandingCube is that Pagemaker is a universal builder. You can build landing pages for any platform you want: Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Lead Generation, Coaching...the sky is the limit!

What should FBA sellers be looking for in a landing page tool?

Choosing the right landing page tool for FBA can be tricky, so we’ve put together a criteria for measuring what you should be looking for.

Amazon Specific Features

It’s important you choose a landing page builder that has built-in Amazon tools like Pagemaker.  You'll be able to import your Amazon products and coupons in a single click and activate them onto your landing page in minutes.‍

Using any landing page builder will require extra effort on your part; from importing your Amazon products to distributing Amazon coupons to your customer's email inbox.‍  


Owning Your Data

Arguably one of the most important factors in staying ahead of your competitors in 2022 is owning your customer data. The landing page tool you select should have the ability to distribute Amazon coupon codes and capture email addresses. This will allow you to build a list for remarketing and retention, an absolute goldmine.‍

Template Quality

The aesthetic of your landing page plays a big role in conversion rate optimization. Your landing pages need to look sleek, need to be conversion-focused and load lightning fast. Every single landing page builder software proudly showcases their templates publicly on their website and it’s a good idea to consider this before making a decision.At Pagemaker, every template in our marketplace is designed in-house, conversion-focused, mobile-first and market-tested.


Amazon Sellers on Pagemaker are able to automate their entire workflow by integrating with their favorite apps.‍Integrations optimize your workflow and save you a lot of precious time. You can also use integrations to automate your sales funnel and post-purchase emails to Amazon customers.


Builder Technology

You will spend the most amount of time on the landing page softwares builder, preparing your landing page.Finding an intuitive and simple-to-use landing page builder will save you time and a lot of headaches. The last thing you want to do is commit to a landing page software and then dislike their builder. This is a very common mistake and that’s why we highly suggest always trying a free trial or free lifetime plan like what we offer on Pagemaker.  

Pagemaker Vs LandingCube: Features

Both Pagemaker and LandingCube offer the exact same tools for Amazon Sellers. The only differences are listed in the table below.


Pagemaker Vs LandingCube: Builder Technology  

There is no comparison here! LandingCube offers a basic builder with limited options. They also offer only 4 templates from you to choose from. You cannot add new sections and you have very little control over customizations such as padding and spacing.

Pagemaker's mobile-first builder is intuitive, packed with editing options, and gives you full control over your landing page template. You can choose from over 65+ templates or 500+ pre-made blocks. The sky is the limit when it comes to Pagemaker's building technology.


Pagemaker Vs LandingCube: Templates

There is also no comparison here. Pagemaker offers 65+ templates and over 500+ pre-made blocks to choose from when building a landing page.

LandingCube offers only 4 templates and does not offer the ability to add sections to your landing page.

As for conversion-focused design, Pagemaker's templates are designed in-house by our brother agency Landing Page Dude. Every template we launch on our marketplace is market-tested and pixel-perfect.

The look and feel of LandingCube's templates are basic and old school. While they are very straight forward they lack the conversion elements and aesthetics required to build trust with your visitors.

LandingCube offers only 4 templates


Pagemaker offers 65+ templates


Pagemaker Vs LandingCube: Pricing

Pagemaker offers a free lifetime plan for Amazon Sellers that comes with more features than LandingCube's lowest paid plan.

Pagemaker's free plan offers 5 campaigns, unlimited traffic, and 65+ templates. LandingCubes lowest paid plan offers 3 campaigns, 4 templates, and doesn't offer unlimited traffic. It makes no sense to be using LandingCubes lowest paid plan when you can use Pagemaker's free lifetime plan.

LandingCube's lowest paid plan also comes with limitations such as branding, no access to their API and no support.‍Pagemaker is also 35% cheaper than LandingCube but still offers more features, more templates, more campaigns, unlimited traffic, and 24/7 support. We also actively add new templates, integrations, and features every single month.


The Verdict

Pagemaker offers a more mature and dynamic landing page builder that doesn't put restrictions in your way.

Amazon Sellers will get more bang out of their buck with Pagemaker and they'll have more features and control over their landing pages.

Why pay $49/month to LandingCube when you can get more features on Pagemaker with a free lifetime plan?

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