Pagemaker vs Swipe Pages: What's the difference?

Ever wonder how Pagemaker stacks up against Swipe Pages? As two major players in the conversion marketing platform industry, this is a no-holds-barred comparison of the two platforms.

We will not be bias in the comparison or stack the deck in our favor. After all, we are big fans of Swipe Pages and in the end we want the same thing you do: a successful online business.

This comparison is designed to help you pick the tools that are right for you, even if that tool is not us.

Now, onto specifics...

1. Building Experience

Pagemaker is built with the busy entrepreneur and solo business owner in mind, which is why we made our plug-and-play technology incredible intuitive and simple to use.

Our mobile-first editor is designed to give you the tools to build a high converting landing page in the mobile viewport where you get the majority of your traffic; allowing you to build a better customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Intuitive Mobile First Editor ‍
Intuitive mobile-first editor

Plug and Play Technology

Our mobile-first plug and play technology is designed for speed! Simply select your template or modules and add your content in only a few clicks. You do not have to worry about responsiveness; Pagemaker automatically makes each viewport responsive.

We receive many questions surrounding our building technology. Why plug and play and not drag and drop? The answer is simple: We want to focus on conversions and not what looks good. The one downside to drag and drop builders is that you are giving the user free reign to design a landing page without the strong understanding of conversion elements such as : above fold, call to actions, mobile experience, etc, all the small details that contribute to higher conversions.

Our templates and modules are conversion focused and designed for plug and play content. In under 15 minutes you can design an entire conversion focused landing page that is responsive on every viewport.

Modules and Templates

Pagemaker's modules and templates are conversion-focused and lightning fast. There are currently over 60+ pre-made templates and 500+ pre-made modules on Pagemaker. A bit more than Swipe Pages 40+ pre-made templates and 80+ modules.

Pre Designed Modules
Choose from over 500+ pre-designed modules

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages uses the conventional drag and drop builder technology. The UI is clean and the experience is very similar to editing on Pagemaker, minus the time you save with a plug and play builder.


Both Pagemaker and Swipe Pages offer an intuitive, no-code, and user friendly app. The core differences in the two apps is the speed of how quickly you can build a page and the mobile-first focus.

Pagemaker is a mobile-first editor that uses a simple plug and play technology to give you the tools to build high converting landing pages, incredibly quick, through pre-designed template and modules.

By focusing on "mobile-first, Pagemaker users are able to increase conversion rates and shopping experiences by building in the mobile viewport where majority of the traffic arrives.

SwipePage provides a conventional drag and drop experience that is used by many other landing page apps. Swipe Pages builder gives you more 'creative control' to place elements anywhere on the landing page. This is beneficial to users who want to be able to take their time and design an entire landing page from scratch.

At Pagemaker our mission is to give user conversion-focused tools to build fast, launch fast, and scale. Drag and drop builders are the dinosaurs that will soon expire. The future of landing page builders is fast production, multi-variate testing, and AI copywriting....all features that will soon exist on Pagemaker.

2. Template Quality


Our templates and modules are designed in-house by our brother agency Landing Page Dude. Our templates are mobile-first, data-driven and conversion-focused. We take the successful landing pages we create for our clients on the Landing Page Dude side and bring them over to Pagemaker.

Our strict quality assurance review process ensures that templates and modules we upload to Pagemaker will load lightning fast, look great on all viewports, and convert.

Pagemaker has a dedicated team for designing and developing templates and modules. Our goal is to have one of the most extensive content library of any landing page builder by the end of 2022. We currently have 65+ templates and over 500+ modules you can add to your landing page in one click.

We are currently adding 2 new templates every week with a plan to ramp up!

Lead Generation
Lead generation landing page on Pagemaker

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages offers 40+ templates and 80+ modules that are conversion focused for every use case. The templates comes in two forms: standard or AMP.

Each template is designed based on core conversion principles and loads just as fast as Pagemaker.


Pagemaker provides a more modern and aesthetically pleasing template product whereas Swipe Pages keeps it simple and old school.

The difference in template quality is based on the experience behind each team. If you look through Pagemaker's templates and Swipe Pages templates you can easily distinguish between our modern conversion focused templates and their simple templates.

3. Conversion Tools


It's tough to compete with us in terms of how quickly we are producing conversion tools and the future ahead of us. Let us tell you why.

First, our long awaited AI Copywriting feature is going to be an absolute game changer in 2022. While this is still in production, it will work harmoniously with our long list of conversion tools:

  • GEO IP Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Countdown Widget
  • Pop Ups
  • Lead Magnet
  • Native Form
  • Mobile-first editor
Geo IP Dynamic Text

4. Pricing


The one huge advantage of using Pagemaker is that we offer a Free Lifetime Plan that gives you access to all of our tools and templates before committing to a paid plan.

Another important factor in our pricing is that we do not set multiple limitations like other landing page apps. All of our plans (even the free one) come with unlimited traffic and templates.

Our two paid plans are $25/month and $99 month. You can see ALL the features here.

Start with a free lifetime plan. No credit card ever required.

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages does not offer a free lifetime plan but instead gives their users a free 14-day trial to test any tier. All of their plans come with traffic and domain limitations.

Their entry pricing starts at $39/month compared to Pagemaker's $25/month and their agency plan is $199/month compared to Pagemaker's $99/month.


Pagemaker offers an open door with our free lifetime plan that allows users to test our technology before committing to us financially. We also set no limitations on traffic.

5. Speed


Performance optimization is at the epicenter of our technology. All of our landing page templates are optimized and tested to load lightning quick.

Pagemaker uses a CDN network and built in tools to optimize images and content on your landing page.

Lightning Fast
Lightning fast landing page templates

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages offers AMP landing pages. AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages, a controversial framework created by Google.

While AMP pages are designed to load incredibly quick, they come with many obstacles and limitations such as the usage of JS/CSS code.

Is AMP Dead? While AMP is not completely dead, it's slowly being less supported! But do not fet! Webmasters can achieve the same mobile speed and organic ranking performance (including in Top Stories) with platforms like Pagemaker. (Sometimes even faster. See below)

Amp Page Loading
Swipe Pages AMP page loading slower than regular Pagemaker landing page.

Final Verdict:

So, is the final winner Pagemaker or Swipe Pages? Tally up the results to decide the right fit for you.

Use Pagemaker if:- You’re looking to build a landing page or an entire website (or both).- You’re an entrepreneur or small business owner (without a large marketing team).- You don’t want to pay more for creating more pages or attracting a large number of visitors.- You don't want limitations on how much traffic your landing page can receive- You're looking for an intuitive, easy to use mobile-first builder- You are looking for an affordable plan or Free Lifetime Plan‍

- You care about a high-quality support team to help you tackle any issues.

Get started with a Free Lifetime Plan. We will never ask for a credit card!

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